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Active Communications Earns Respected Technology Industry 
Business Credential 

CompTIA IT Business Trustmark™ signifies commitment to sound 
business practices, quality service 
Active Communications Earns Respected Technology Industry Business Credential 
CompTIA IT Business Trustmark™ signifies commitment to sound business practices, quality service 

Active Communications announced today it has received the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its commitment to sound business practices and quality service.

“Earning this credential identifies Active Communications as a business that meets or exceeds the best business practices the IT industry has to offer,” said John McGlinchey, vice president, Europe and Middle East, CompTIA.

The CompTIA IT Business Trustmark was developed by CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology industry, in collaboration with industry experts and leaders, to identify ICT companies that follow industry best practices related to service agreements, standard operating procedures and systems and tools for delivering services. 

Companies that earn the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark have pledged to follow a robust code of practices that meet or exceed industry standard levels of customer service. They’ve also met industry-agreed standards in areas such as data security practices, staff competencies and holding of adequate insurance.

The Trustmark was developed through the CompTIA UK Channel Community, which consists of many of the UK’s leading channel businesses. It was a member-led initiative and its criteria was constructed and validated by members of this collaborative peer group of experienced industry professionals, working alongside CompTIA. Visit CompTIA IT Business Trustmark to learn more.
Active Communications’ mission - “bringing business the power to communicate’ and live up to the claim “quality not compromise”.

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CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry. Its members are the companies at the forefront of innovation; and the professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, market research, networking events, professional certifications, and public policy advocacy. Visit or follow CompTIA at and


Pete Jacobs
Active Communications
On the 8th August 2014 Active Communications celebrated 25 years of trading business.

Our celebratory event was held at the Belgrade Theatre and was attended by our loyal customers and the Lord Mayor of Coventry. 
25 years of experience
From SKA to Hurrah; a celebration of 25 Years in Business 
Four years ago, Pete Jacobs from Active Communications, Coventry, was quoted as saying ‘I’m looking forward to our next milestone of twenty five years, then I can say did we really achieve all that?’

Pete Jacobs and Martin Gardner have now hit that next milestone of twenty five years in business. Judging by the turnout at their celebratory event in August at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, the answer would seem to be a resounding yes!

A dedication to customer service meant that many of the guests weren’t just customers; long standing friendships have been borne from the perseverance of customer care and quality delivery.

Also in attendance was Councillor Hazel Noonan, the Lord Mayor of Coventry, known as a keen supporter of local business. 

Pete and Martin’s story goes back to well beyond the quarter century celebration, actually forming their relationship as part of the early 2-Tone music movement, another success story from the City of Coventry, although as no doubt Pete would agree, it seems that network cabling has been the more successful part of their careers. 

In today’s language, they would be classed as ‘Entrepreneurs’; seeing an opportunity to take control of their own destiny and with a loan from their parents, they started a video film hire business.

Business was good, but their entrepreneurial spirit meant that they looked toward the future; what opportunities were there for expansion?

A chance meeting would see both Pete and Martin training to install commercial telephone systems; this in turn led them to setting up Active Communications in 1989.

Twenty five years in business is a testament in its own right, but seeing through at least two major recessions in that time gives further evidence of the quality of service and product that they deliver.

With many businesses now having to compete virtually but with real world reviews, competition is tougher than ever, something that hasn’t escaped Pete or Martin.

Keeping up with technology is a key part to their business success; as technology changes, so do the requirements and options of their customers. Active Communications now offer a bespoke installation service for network cabling infrastructure, telecommunications, Mobotix high-resolution IP CCTV cameras and door access control systems.  

They readily admit that they wouldn’t have got this far without their loyal customer support and commitment from their suppliers, allied to their equally committed and highly trained staff; they have a well-deserved reputation that is the envy of their peers.

In the words of the Lord Mayor, let’s hope that Active Communications keep ‘active’ for many years to come.  

Merging of the new Active Communications website with their online IP Camera Shop. 

In 2012 Active Communications launched their online IP Camera Shop selling Mobotix Cameras, Camera Lenses and Camera Accessories.

This year Active Communications Ltd are celebrating 21 years of providing high quality computer and network cabling services.

The Coventry based company works closely with its customers to provide them with economical, reliable and customised solutions that can dramatically increase efficiency and productivity.

Active Communications was formed in 1989 by Directors Peter Jacobs and Martin Gardner and has since developed a strong customer base, providing services to small/medium enterprises and large multinational companies.

The installations that Active Communications Ltd carries out all have varying requirements and demonstrate the company's flexibility and ability to provide a top class service whether working within an office environment while minimising the disruption to routine, or on a building site where installation must dovetail to the schedules of other contractors.

Over the last six years Active Communications Ltd have increased its potential market opportunities by providing IP (internet protocol) based equipment that will operate on an existing data cabling network. To name but a few, this includes Mobotix IP CCTV door access & proximity control and telephone systems that compliments their existing services of wireless and data cabling services. 

We are now in a position to be able to provide a customer with a complete solution from one local source. The integration of the Mobotix IP CCTV and door access control systems into our catalogue of services has proved a great success and is growing at such a rate it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest technology explains Peter Jacobs.

Active Communications Ltd pride themselves on providing an excellent quality of service with its engineers achieving many certifications and accreditations for all the areas of work that we provide and as a company in 2007 achieved the Accredit UK quality mark for data cabling design and installation as well as being members of many trade associations including UKITA (UK Information Technology Association).

Due to the current economic climate, as with many companies, this year has been difficult. We are still alive and kicking and have managed to do this with the support of our existing customers who still use us because of the service we have given them over the years. Some customers have been with us for over 15 years so we must be doing something right. Now I'm just looking forward to our next milestone of 25 years when I can turn around and say "did we really achieve all that?" said Pete Jacobs.  
Active Communications find a special way to celebrate 21 years

Company Directors, Pete Jacobs and Martin Gardner of Coventry based telecommunications and data systems installation company Active Communications Ltd, first became business partners when they were both involved in local band Channel-A, Pete was the keyboard player and Martin the bands Manager, their vocalist Stan Campbell went on to be the lead vocalist in the Special AKA, and famously sang on the Free Nelson Mandela hit. While their former guitarist Eddie Bruneau is in ska band the Allskas, and Pete himself was once a member of ska band Special Brew.

"We have always been big 2-Tone fans over the years" said Pete, "and have been in business together for 28 years. So we wanted something special to celebrate, something to put up on the office wall".

"We recently attended the Fundraising concert for the 2-Tone Central Museum, and Roddy Radiation's award for playing five sold out nights at O2 Brixton Academy in the Specials came up in the auction. I couldn't believe it when I saw it, I was determined I was going to bid for it. About £360 pounds later, I won it, it's an amazingly rare piece of memorabilia, with Roddy's signature on the back, and it's really going to take pride of place on the wall. I'm so happy the money is going to help create 2-Tone Central, we are Coventry born and bred and it will be a great addition to the city, and heaven knows we need a new venue". 
Receiving an award
Photograph. Paul Roberts 2-Tone Central Trustee (left) hands over the award to Pete Jacobs (right).

A UK First: Active Communications have designed and developed the BayWATCH system.

BayWATCH: High-Bay Crane Wireless Safety Camera System 

Wireless, high-resolution safety camera and monitoring solution The BayWATCH system has been developed to provide live images of the working platform on high-bay cranes in logistics and storage warehouse facilities.

With safety and the cost of downtime in mind, it allows images to be viewed from the camera over any hand held wireless device (with browser facility) at ground level by the operator enabling them to diagnose any type of jamming fault. This reduces the need of the operator to work at high level, therefore minimizing risk to the operator and the company.

The images are stored in the camera so they can be played back at any time and archived for future use. There is no need for any external recording device.

In addition to this, and if required, the system can be installed onto the company's data network allowing remote monitoring to take place. In short, this BayWATCH system is as flexible as you want it to be.

Active Communications Ltd is aware that no two crane systems are the same and is confident that they will have a bespoke solution to suit your company's requirements. 
Active nominated for environmental award

£5,000 Community Windfall

Groundworks, a federation of environmental trusts, nominated Active Communications for the Environmental Performance Award at the inaugural Forum for Rethinking Construction Industry and Employment awards, an event as part of the recent National Construction Week.

Partner Martin Gardner was very pleased to have been nominated, "We are delighted that our progress in planning & implementing an environmental policy has been recognised by Groundworks. Although we are a relatively modest sized business it is important that we all take our environmental responsibilities seriously, as together we can all make a difference". 
Henley College

Henley College were absolutely delighted to receive the kind donation of £5,000 computer equipment from Active Communications Ltd. This is only one of the many community initiatives undertaken by active to help the local community and organisations with requirements for a low budget solution.

Staying Ahead

A computer company has donated equipment to a Coventry college to help keep students up to date.

Henley College was given the equipment by Active Communications, of Unicorn Avenue, Eastern Green.

Staff hope it will help the college keep up with its status as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE).

Julie Craddock, the College's CoVE Manager, said: "Active Communications were one of the College's strongest supporters and they share our vision of developing specialist ICT training provision for the benefit of local employers and the region as a whole." 
Cable Guys who stick to Budget!

If the amount of cabling Coventry's Active Communications Ltd has installed for Budget Insurance Services were laid down end to end it would stretch all the way to London.

The Eastern Green company has installed 85 miles of structured data cabling at Budget's offices in Coventry city centre and at its Peterborough headquarters.

The work is part of a total refurbishment of Budget's eight-floor offices in Corporation Street.

Another 15 miles of cabling will start to be laid at Budget's affinity contact centre in Sunderland as part of a long-term programme.

Coventry's Lord Mayor, Cllr Sucha Singh Bains, attended the grand opening along with Budget's Group Chief Executive, Peter Winslow, and officially opened the refurbished offices on Thursday 18th September 2003 to mark the completion of the scheme.

Pete Jacobs, Director, at Active Communications Ltd, said his firm had installed the original cabling at the Corporation Street office block in 1995 when it was occupied by Dial Direct, who were acquired by Budget in October, 2001.

"We installed the cabling here eight years ago and it is ironic we have returned," he said.

"There was a tender procedure which we won to replace the cabling in the whole building."

"We're continuing a long-term programme with them. We have completed the work in Coventry and go to Sunderland at the end of September to install the cabling there."

Harry Wright, Director of Technical Services and Property at Budget, which is one of the UK's leading personal lines insurance intermediaries, said about 400 people were employed at the contact centre in Coventry.

"We have used Active on numerous occasions on six of our sites from Hillingdon in London to Sunderland and they previously did work for us when we were Dial Direct," he said.

"They are excellent to work with and demonstrate a high level of professionalism."

Budget's Technical Services Senior Manager, Dave Brown, said: "It has taken six months to refurbish the building from top to bottom; every three weeks we completed a new floor but the result is well worth all the hard work."
100 miles achievement
PICTURE: (from left to right) Harry Wright, Budget's
Director of Technical Services and Property, Pete Jacobs, Director at Active Communications Ltd, Dave Brown,
Budget's Technical Services Senior Manager.

Actives' install project team proved they knew their onions at the Vegetable Kingdom near Ryton Organic Gardens. 

Active installed the network cabling at the new attraction at the Henry Doubleday Research Association. We installed a wireless network in the activity area which gives staff a greater flexibility in putting together future exhibitions.

Partner Pete Jacobs explains, " Installing the wireless network gave the flexibility for HDRA to redesign the exhibition whenever it is required & keep it as fresh as the produce they grow!”

"Each PC has a small transmitter which relays data to the specific display via an aerial, HDRA can move aspects of the display around so it never becomes stagnant & it saves on future costs by not being fixed by cables which require a re-wire"

Active also installed a Fibre Optic link between all the site buildings & a copper cable telephone network as well as 80 Cat 5e outlets in the Vegetable Kingdom & a further 200 outlets in other units.

Pete said, "The HDRA site is an organic business it just keeps on growing! We have helped HDRA in its expansion by upgrading their network & provided the roots of a network to give a secure & healthy foundation to help it blossom. The cables spread like a root culture into each building & help distribute vital information in the attraction.”

HDRA opened the Vegetable Kingdom in May 2003 to tell the story of vegetables from their humble beginnings thousands of years ago through to today. HDRA are a world renown authority on organic crop research development.
IT was the place to be!

OPENING THE CABINET… business partners Peter Jacobs (seated) and Martin Gardner, of Coventry based Active Communications Network Services, gave visitors and potential customers a fascinating insight into their telecommunications and data systems Installation service.

Businesses who missed The Chamber’s two-day Coventry and Warwickshire Information Technology Fair last month could now be on a countdown to disaster.

The event coincided with the launch of the Government’s Action 2000 national campaign to urge more companies to address the growing fears of the Millennium time bomb. But the number of companies passing through the doors of the exhibition – held at the new Oak Tree Conference Centre at Binley Park was lower than expected. Said Nigel Gaynor, The Chamber’s marketing director: “We particularly targeted small and medium-sized businesses because we were worried about the low level of attention being paid to the benefits of information technology by too many businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire – not forgetting the Millennium time bomb. “This was a unique opportunity to speak to not only world leaders in the computing industry but local companies which can offer a wealth of support and guidance. “We received compliments from some local firms who sent along representatives to the Fair but our fears are for those companies that stayed away – and missed the opportunity to stay ahead in the race to the Year 2000, and beyond.”

The IT Fair was sponsored by top IT Companies 3Com, Sage and Hewlett Packard, supported by the Coventry Evening Telegraph and attracted 20 high-profile exhibitors along with a series of seminars.

One exhibitor – Solihull-based Network Data Services – are preparing for business to boom from what managing director Ewen Anderson described as “a highly successful exhibition.”

On their exhibition stand, they demonstrated a simple, cost effective way in which businesses can convert their oldest PC’s into millennium-proof terminals, running the latest Microsoft office software. Said Mr Anderson: “We were showing technology that the majority of people who visited our stand had never seen before, and we were delighted with the response we received. The stand was busy and we had a lot of serious enquiries which we are now following up.”

Further praise came from Craig Wall, of Redditch-based CWP Ltd., who said: “We certainly found the exhibition of real tangible value.” Apart from the delegates and business representatives, the IT Fair was also visited by leading heads from local industry – and even two Inquisitive residents from nearby Binley Road.

“We saw the IT Fair banner outside, kept watching a lot of people go inside, so we decided to pop along ourselves to see what it was all about,” said one lady.

Summing up, a Chamber spokesman said: “The event will, of course, be thoroughly evaluated, but we will continue to draw attention to the enormous importance of the issues in whatever way is appropriate – preferably with the collaboration of local companies in the industry.”
Active Supply Etrinsic solution!

The days of CCTV could be numbered due to a versatile new digital camera - and that could be good news for a Coventry-based company.

Active Communications has installed two of the revolutionary cameras at Birmingham firm Etrinsic and is confident the new technology could lead to a major shift in the surveillance industry.

Etrinsic in Stratford Road, Shirley, hired Active to install two more MOBOTIX digital recording network cameras after it was so impressed with the first one.

Nigel Eccles, sales office manager at Active Communications in Eastern Green, said the camera was an all-in-one network camera, recorder and player with sound, motion sensor, ISDN and video management solution. He said the benefits of using the system were its low maintenance for a high return.

"One of the functions is that it is a surveillance camera which runs across the Internet," he explained. "It uses the network connection to undertake a number of functions which are programmed directly into the camera. It can be run off a PC anywhere and more cost effective to run."

"The camera is unique and in terms of initial set-up costs, it is on a par with other systems but in terms of long-term running costs, it is minimal. It can even be used for domestic use on a broadband system so you could watch everything that's happening at your house while you were away on holiday. It can be set-up to watch what is happening at your company or house from another location. The uses are endless. It has movement sensors and you can take photos and because it runs off the network cable, no software is needed. The people we have offered a free demonstration to have been amazed and we are confident of a very high take up."

Etrinsic web architect Craig Davies said the company, which has an annual turnover of about £20 million, was using the system for surveillance purposes.

"We had one installed at the front of the building and now we have a second in the car park and we have just bought a third for the area at the back of the offices," he said. "We have web cameras around the inside of the building but with these cameras placed outside, you can see who is coming into the building and who is in the car park and it is ideal because it is also weather proof. The web aspect means you can operate it from home and check the cameras to have a look at everything that is happening and you can't do that with CCTV."

"In these cameras, there are infra-red passive detectors and it can be set up to email or text you to inform you there is an intruder. All the functions mean we find it re-assuring when we are away from the office to double-check our security." 
Etrinsic chief executive Colin Davies, Active Communications partner Pete Jacobs and Etrinsic web architect Craig Davies.
Etrinsic chief executive Colin Davies, Active Communications
Customers who recommend our services

Active are delighted to undertake a wide range & scale of installations, both direct & subcontract, from single point or network additions to large scale/plant Local Area Networks & Structured Cable Systems. Every customer we provide service to is important to us, regardless of the size of the solution required, & every project carries our comprehensive service guarantee. Their needs may differ in size but, as customers, each is as significant to Active in importance.
Customers of Active Communications Ltd
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